Jasper Kyanite-Twaddle is one of Dio and Lavina's adopted children. He is a Siberian cat amalia from the Astacia Kingdom and was raised in an orphanage until he met Dio and Lavina after trying to steal Dio's necklace.

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Dio Kyanite Edit

Jax greatly respects and looks up to Dio. After she givers her necklace (that was Lucille's) to Jax's orphanage, he considers her as a very generous piggy bank person. He gladly listens to Dio most of the time and enjoys helping out at the pharmacy when he isn't out stealing things.

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Corinne Kyanite-Twaddle Edit

He and Coco get along pretty well; they often go out and pickpocket people together. There are some times when they fight though, because they're "siblings". Even though Jax is technically older, he does view Coco as his older sibling, but will bring up their ages in an argument. He also likes to confuse Coco a lot in any way he can.

Tatiana Kyanite-Twaddle Edit

Jax and Tatti have a very loving and close relationship. Jax loves to take care of little kids, as seen during his orphanage days when he would regularly go out to find money to feed the younger orphans, and likes to dote on Tatti a lot, much to her annoyance, since she is 5 years older than him. Jax likes to mess with Tatti sometimes, as is his nature, but ultimately he does respect her and even pitied her a bit because of her past, although he tries not to show it.

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  • Jasper will say "nya" both ironically and unironically.
  • He and Coco often go on "adventures" where they will pickpocket unsuspecting people. His code name is "Nya" while Coco's is "Mud".
  • He butchers everyone's names except for Mags, who is his favorite aunt.
  • He refers to Pyrope as the "Cool Uncle", much to Carnel's dismay.
  • He frequently accompanies Aunt Penny to the nail salon. He ended up learning Vietnamese and likes to gossip with the technicians, especially about his sister.