*poot poot* *blep blep blep* — Poot Poot's means of communication

Pootiana Vasco Christopher Magellan Francisco Henry Clark Hernando Twaddle the First, better known as Poot Poot, is the air sprite companion of Lavina. She is native to the Astacia Kingdom but upon meeting Lavina travels with her to Neo London.

Personality Edit

)) best character 10/10

Relationships Edit

Lavina Edit

)) bff best bleps

Dio Edit

)) good bleps

Beryl Edit

)) *blep*

Pyrope Edit

)) *poot* (Does she even realize the fact that she makes this guy's metal sprite heart go doki doki i think not)

Trivia Edit

  • Poot Poot is one of the most popular characters among the Falling Through fandom
  • Originally it was thought that Poot Poot was a boy (her original name being Pootis) but after a month or so Lavina found out she was indeed a female sprite (how exactly is beyond me).
  • Poot Poot like most sprites is capable of telepathy, but prefers to communicate through physical blepping. In the cases where Lavina tries to telepathically communicate, Poot Poot simply then bleps telepathically.
  • She is one of the few sprites depicted with a mouth.
  • She seriously lacks any if not all depth perception.
  • she poot.
  • she blep.