Sprites are one of the species in Astacia Kingdom. They are made up of a single element and are commonly kept as companions. They can also be found in colonies in the wild.

Appearance Edit

Despite their type, all sprites are essentially a cluster of their element and are therefore very round, with some kind of noticable extension at the top of their body. Their eyes can vary from sprite to sprite, and often they are not depicted with a mouth, even though they all have one. (arTIsTiC StYLe oKAy)

Types Edit

There are ten different types of sprites. Based on their type, sprites are able to manipulate that element to a certain extent. Here are the types:

  • Metal
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Rock
  • Shadow
  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Water
  • Air
  • Space

Breeding Edit

Sprites are unique in that gender does not matter when it comes to creating new sprites. Each sprite will give a bit of their element and with a little magic a new sprite is born! Here is a chart of the elements that will be produced based on the parent sprites' elements:

Type water fire air rock lightning shadow space ice wood metal
water water water water rock lightning shadow water ice wood metal
fire x fire fire rock fire fire fire fire fire metal
air x x air rock lightning shadow air ice wood metal
rock x x x rock rock shadow rock ice rock metal
lightning x x x x lighting lightning lightning lightning lightning metal
shadow x x x x x shadow shadow ice shadow shadow
space x x x x x x space ice wood metal
ice x x x x x x x ice ice ice
wood x x x x x x x x wood metal
metal x x x x x x x x x metal

Rarity Edit

Based on the breeding chart, here are the sprites from most to least common:

  • Metal, ice
  • Lightning, rock, shadow, fire
  • Wood, water
  • Air
  • Space

Abilities and Powers Edit

Element Manipulation Edit

Depending on their type, sprites can generate and manipulate their element to an extent. If their element is nearby, they can utilize it can control it as well. Due to this, sprites can usually be found in climates that will enable them to have access to their element. For instance, water sprites will generally reside near lakes and oceans, while wood sprites can be found in forests and jungles.

Telepathy Edit

After a certain amount of time, a sprite is able to communicate telepathically with their companion. However, they may choose not to if they do not wish. Poot Poot, for example, can communicate with Lavina, but prefers to speak with bleps and poots instead of English, because she can.

Known Sprites Edit

Below is a list of canon sprites in Falling Through: