**Note: The measurement of years used for the timeline are relative to one another. The event used to mark year "0" is the creation of the resistance. This and other years where important events take place are boldfaced.

**This timeline will be edited and developed more fully in time.

Astacia Year Neo London
Roscoe S. Kyanite is born

Lucille Kyanite is born

Jacques Cumberland is born
Roscoe K. becomes Duke Kyanite

The Resistance is created 0
Duke Kyanite joins the Resistance 5 Wilbur Twaddle is born
Roscoe and Lucille marry 8 Vanessa Twaddle is born
Kyanite Gems is established 8
Dio Kyanite is born 10 (spring)
Lucille’s father dies, Roscoe becomes The Resistance leader 15 Jacques Cumberland receives the mirror
Carnel Kyanite is born 23 (summer)
Lucille Kyanite dies 25

30 Mr. and Mrs. Twaddle marry

32 Lavina Twaddle is born

37 Penny Twaddle is born

39 Nathalie Twaddle is born
Dio begins working for the Royal Family 40

41 Wilbur Twaddle loses his arm

43 Mags Twaddle is born

48 Bridie Twaddle is born

48 Lavina loses her left hand
Carnel joins the Royal Army 52
Royal Family is overthrown 53
Tatiana Kyanite-Twaddle is born 54
Carnel secretly joins the Resistance (is still in the Royal Army) 55 Lavina starts working for Cumberland
Dio meets Lavina 56 (spring) Lavina falls through the mirror
Carnel meets the Twaddle Family 56 (summer)
Duke Kyanite dies 57 (fall)
Dio takes the elixir 57 (winter) Lavina breaks the mirror
The Resistance wins 58 (spring) Jacques Cumberland dies
Jasper Kyanite-Twaddle is born 58 Lavina is given the mirror
Dio and Lavina become engaged 59 Corrine Kyanite-Twaddle is born
Dio and Lavina marry 60 Dio and Lavina marry
Carnel and Nathalie marry 64 Carnel and Nathalie marry
Dio and Lavina adopt Jax and Tatti 66 Dio and Lavina adopt Coco

78 Bridie Twaddle is onboard the first ever successful launch into space