"Bridie, you know that's no way to treat an in-law... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" —Mr. Twaddle to Bridie during Carnel's first dinner with the Twaddles.

Wilbur Twaddle, also known as Mr. Twaddle, is the father of Lavina and the other Twaddle sisters (Penny, Nathalie, Mags, and Bridie). He is married happily to Mrs. Twaddle.

Personality Edit

hey man he's a pretty cool guy.

History Edit

he had two arms. once. not anymore. yikes

Relationships Edit

Vanessa Twaddle Edit

)) eyyy cuuuuute married couple what a wholesome set of parents

Lavina Twaddle Edit

)) he doesnt say he has favorites but like we all know wilbur, dont hide it if its obvious

Penny Twaddle Edit

)) tries to keep his thirsty mess in pajoveralls of a daughter in line. tries

Nathalie Twaddle Edit

)) supportive of her studies even tho she speaks with words too big to have a real convo with

Mags Twaddle Edit

)) good to see theres one daughter who's not completely weird

Bridie Twaddle Edit

)) welp looks like mags is the only normal one. He treats Bridie like the bby of the family tho ofc

Dio Kyanite Edit

)) i freakin knew my daughter was hella gay now when r u two gonna get married already

Carnel Kyanite Edit

)) "Bridie you know that's no way to treat an in law ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

Trivia Edit

  • Though it is joked at, his real name isn't Wilburforce, it's just Wilbur.
  • He used to build boats. With guns. Gun boats.
  • He makes specially made music boxes for people including his wife and each of his daughters.